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Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures

The D&D Miniatures line features hundreds of ready-to-play miniatures from the Dungeons & Dragons universe. You'll find heroes, villains, and monsters of all descriptions. Now you can play out furious battles, add the miniatures to your roleplaying sessions, or trade and collect the miniatures set by set.

Miniatures represent heroes and monsters: warriors, wizards, dragons, demons, ferocious beasts, and terrifying undead. Each miniature is at 30mm scale. They range in size from Tiny to Huge. All are fully assembled and painted.

Each miniature comes with a two-sided stat card.

Skirmish - One side has the creature's description for skirmish combat. Each creature's strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities are spelled out. Some miniatures are commanders, and they improve the fighting ability of the other creatures in their warbands.

Roleplaying - The other side of the stat card has the creature's description for D&D roleplaying. You can drop these creatures right into your next D&D roleplaying session.

Epic - Some figures come with a second card giving their Epic stats -- these are very powerful versions of certain creatures that are especially useful in high-level games.

Dungeons and Dragons Collectible Minature Game