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JR Miniatures Terrain

JR Miniatures has been providing customers with quality buildings & terrain at affordable prices since 1989. 15mm - 25 and 28mm Terain, Buildings, Walls and Rivers made out of Drystone, Resin and RTV.

Drystone is a polymer modified cement for casting detail parts. Drystone is durable and chip resistant and has a PSI of 10,000 as compared to plaster which only has a PSI of 2,000. When painting DO NOT wash and using a primer is not necessary.

Resin is a polyurethan resin that is not brittle and does not have noxious fumers. Prior to painting, the item must be washed and we recommend Cascade Dishwashing soap or PineSol. After washing and letting dry, a primer coat should be applied.

RTV - polyurethane rubber. All river, roads, fields and other finished terrain pieces are made with this polyurethane rubber. The rubber does not shrink, have an odor or distort once cured. This product does not contain any latex and is great for those with latex allergies. The material is not affected by heat, cold or moisture and returns to its normal cured state if stored folded or bent. All JR Miniature Terain is unpainted unless otherwise stated.