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GF950662 Tenacious Teal WarCogs Token Booster Set

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GF950662 Tenacious Teal WarCogs Token Booster Set by Gale Force Nine

WarCogs Booster Sets add a new repertoire of symbols to diversify the spell and effect types your warbands have in play. These six new icons expand upon the basic set of symbols for larger warbands and multiple heroes. Also included are extra effects tokens specific to each color type. Each booster set contains two Lexicon cards to note which symbol corresponds to a spell or effect.

WarCogs Token Booster Set Tenacious Teal
- 3 - Cog Bomb
- 3 - Cog Crosshair
- 3 - Cog Shield
- 3 - Cog Steam Gauge
- 3 - Cog Trap
- 3 - Cog Wrenches
- 4 - Knockdown
- 2 - Spell Lexicon cards

These tokens are done in the incomparable Gale Force Nine style with a bright and vibrant ivory and teal color scheme. Each token is laser cut from durable clear acrylic plastic and backed with felt to protect your gaming surface and miniatures.

Whether a veteran commander or fresh recruit, the WarCogs range gives players premium gaming accessories that integrate with GF9s classic token range. WarCogs were also designed to work as a stand-alone product to satisfy the needs of new players or players starting new warbands.
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