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SFI2012 Eldarim Dragonlord Dragonmasters Dragon Dice Expansion SFR

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SFI2012 Eldarim Dragonlord Dragonmasters Dragon Dice Expansion SFR

These are the champions of the Eldarim race. Dragonmasters - Dragonmasters are 4-health units that are part of the Eldarim race and come in five different colors, but are virtually identical to the Dragonlord. They have several advantages and disadvantages when compared to the Dragonlord. The Dragonmaster can only cast magic of the same color as itself. Dragonmaster magic is doubled normally (i.e., by terrain or dead unit area advantage). Dragonmasters can carry medallions and magical items matching their color. A Dragonmaster can tame dragons of the same color if it rolls its SFR Logo prior to the dragon attack. During the retreat step of a reserve movement, a Dragonmaster can ride a tamed dragon to any other terrain. A Dragonmasters logo acts as a 2-point ID.

A Dragonlord can do all the same as a Dragonmaster, but it works on any color dragon (including white dragons). It can cast any color of magic. Its logo does nothing in a normal army roll.

Not a complete game. Requires 2-Player Starter set to play.
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