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FFGWHC07 Arcane Fire - Warhammer Invasion LCG

FFGWHC07 Arcane Fire - Warhammer Invasion LCG

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FFGWHC07 Arcane Fire Battle Pack Warhammer Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games

Ancient sorceries and epic spells rock the battlefield as the battle between Order and Destruction reaches a fever pitch. Overwhelm your opponents with the devastating force of arcane fire!

Arcane Fire is the sixth Battle Pack installment of The Corruption Cycle, the expansion cycle for Warhammer: Invasion, a card game of intense warfare, clever kingdom management, and epic questing. This 40 card pack contains 20 different never-before-seen cards designed to augment existing decks and add variety to the Warhammer: Invasion metagame.


This is not a stand-alone deck. A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game core set is required to play.
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