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ASMSID01 Sidi Baba Board Game Asmodee Editions

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ASMSID01 Sidi Baba Board Game Asmodee Editions

Players: 3 to 7
Playing Time: 45 minutes
Ages: 8 and up

1 screen to allow the Leader of the Thieves to hide the maze, 1 corridor to indicate the order of the characters in the maze. 6 Adventurer tokens. 61 Jewel and Genie tokens. 5 Curse tokens. 20 Event tokens. 12 Oil Lamps. 1 Leader of the Thieves token. 5 Chest Tokens. 10 3D views of the maze. 2 2-sided boards with 4 different mazes. 1 Orientation tile. 1 Red Triangle (direction) tile. 1 3-minute timer. 1 bag. 1 die.

Sidi Baba and his companions, the Adventurers embark on a hunt to find hidden treasure in a dark and mysterious labyrinth. They rely on each other to navigate the maze but in the end it is every Adventurer for themselves! For it is only the richest who will win this game! To make the journey even more treacherous, the Adventurers are being pursued by the Leader of the Thieves, who is trying to delay Sidi Baba and his companions so they remain forever prisoners of the darkness.
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