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TUK298 The Traicio by Tudor Mint

TUK298 The Traicio Dragon Figurine Tudor Mint

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TUK298 The Traicio Dragon Figurine Tudor Mint

The Traicio received its name derived from the Latin word Trajicio, meaning to cross, cast, hurl, overstep or transgress. As we can see, our friend has definitely trespassed upon a garden bridge somewhere in the medieval dwelling of years gone by. The Traicio is adorned in flaming yellow outspread wings with his muscular legs and claws ready to take on his foe, seemingly already in his eye. This fine gentleman stands just a bit over 10.5 inches tall as he stands upon a gem adorned arch.

Wondertrail made a special purchase of all remaining Tudor Mint dragons and figurines which are all well over ten years old at the time of this writing in 2018. Tudor Mint is a time honored British company that decided to close its doors after over 100 years in business back in 2008. All their known remaining works of art are now in the United States and in our possession and offered to you. All pieces listed for sale are brand new and already a collectors item as soon as you receive it due to the short supply, the age, the quality and the disintigration of the manufacturer.
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