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CMNGUF019 Zombie Bosses Zombicide Black Plague

CMNGUF019 Zombie Bosses Abomination Pack Zombicide Black Plague

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CMNGUF019 Zombie Bosses Abomination Pack Zombicide Black Plague Board Game Expansion Cool Mini or Not

The Zombie Bosses - Abomination Pack comes with 3 miniatures, including 1 Abominotaur, 1 Ablobination, and 1 Abominatroll. It also includes 10 Broken Wall cardboard tokens, 12 spawn cards, and a rules flyer.

These Abominations will ramp up the difficulty of your games of Zombicide Black Plague.
Walls and buildings will not protect you from this raging monstrosity, it can break through walls to get to your survivor opening the way for other zombies to come in too! It also has so much rage that it will cause 2 wounds to any survivor it attacks.

This creepy zombie abomination use its huge arm to attack every survivor within 1 space of it.

This big daddy of Abominations can only be killed by Dragon Fire. Though it seems safe enough only having 1 action to advancing 1 space a turn. But if it catches a glimpse of any survivors it will go crazy and gains 3 actions to get to and tear apart the poor unfortunate survivor.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required
This is an expansion and requires the full game to play
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