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BEZART2 Ultimate Werewolf Artifacts Card Party Game Bezier Games

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BEZART2 Ultimate Werewolf Artifacts Card Party Game Bezier Games

Ultimate Werewolf Artifacts includes 40 unique Artifact cards, each with a unique special power. Players are given an Artifact card at the beginning of an Ultimate Werewolf game, which they secretly view. At any point during the game, they may reveal their Artifact card, activating it for everyone to see.

Some Artifact cards are One-time use upon reveal, so once they are revealed their power is used up. Other cards are Always in effect after reveal, so they provide some power that lasts throughout the rest of the game.

One of the best things about Artifacts is that it gives players who have more basic roles something extra to do during the game, while providing additional options for players who already have a more demanding role.

Here?s a sampling of the Artifact cards:
The Shroud of the Ghost
Ask a player who was lynched the previous day for a single letter to help their team.

The Eye of the Beholder
Each night, wake with the Seer. You see who the Seer chooses and if that choice is a Werewolf or not.

The Rod of Reincarnation
If you die, reveal your Artifact card and stay alive...but different. If you are any kind of Werewolf, you lose your special power (you do not wake up at night). If you are a not a Werewolf, you get a new random Ultimate Werewolf role card.
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