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Who we are
Wondertrail.com, Gamersherald.com, Hobbyshopoutlet.com, Plastikits.com, ShopRCModels.com and Communityoutlet.com are subsidiaries of Community Outlet LLC. We provide the public a unique assortment of products that can be tailored into any budget. We specialize in clean family entertainment, group entertainment and for just plain fun for you

On your credit card statement it will be listed as "Community Outlet LLC".

Two entrepreneurs decided back in 2001 and still maintain the notion that by offering high quality products for a reasonable price is the best way to ensure customers have the greatest satisfaction with their purchases. Since then our growing company strives every day to make sure that all of our products are priced right and will bring maximum value without gimmicks and teasers.

Our product line is constantly fluctuating and growing as we continue our quest of finding merchandise that is of the best quality for the absolute best value. We will not offer anything without first inspecting it for the uniqueness and value that it will bring our customers.

Just like shopping at the local mall in the good old days, prices were typically more but you had a vast selection of stores. Mall stores always paid a premium rent to the mall owners to be at that specific mall, the same goes for Amazon, Sears, Jet, Walmart and many others. By shopping directly with us on Wondertrail.com, we don’t pay these absorbent added fees, which means we can give you a great price all the time. Couple our great prices with Wonderpoints and added coupons and you simply cannot find a better place to shop for the items we offer. We are a brick and mortar store with a large online footprint. We are veteran owned and run. We use state of the art software in fraud detection and prevention that protects all parties. We do not offer express shipping or two day deliveries and never intend to, all this does is add cost and confusion to the overall purchase experience. We simply do it better without the frills and most importantly, without a membership.

In addition to all the wonderful tangible goods we offer, we are also a certified United States Postal and Fed Ex shipping center and will package and ship your items for the best price you’ll find anywhere in Idaho. As mentioned before, we are here for our customers and offer the best value in everything we do.

We wish to thank everyone who visits our store and web sites and welcome the opportunity to serve you. If ever you have any questions concerning Wondertrail.com, Wondertrail the store, or any of our products; never hesitate to contact us. We are currently located at:

Wondertrail / Community Outlet LLC
705 Airbase Rd
Mountain Home, Idaho 83647